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OUR VISION: The FGF Chamber of Business has a vision for Matjhabeng: This vision is of a strong economy; of multi-sectoral businesses flourishing under the guidance of individuals and organizations alike who are committed to driving positive change; a vision of a beautiful city, with an unblemished horizon and a stable future for our children and our children’s children. Welkom and its surrounding towns have the potential to be envied by other cities and towns. Together we can grow this potential! MISSION STATEMENT:

  • To be a positive link between business and statutory organizations
  • To utilise our unlimited resources, through SACCI & AHI
  • To enhance and encourage business in the Goldfields
  • To promote and encourage positive publicity about the Goldfields
  • To maintain and promote high ethical standards in the business sector

OUR OBJECTIVES: To assess and evaluate needs in the local business community;

To monitor development at local level;                                                                                                           To mobilize business opinion on local issues;                                                                                          To exert a positive influence on the environment in which business operates;                         To promote and encourage the pursuit of a high standard of business ethics;                           To disseminate information that is useful to the business fraternity;                                     To create opportunities for improving business skills;                                                             To extend business contacts locally and nationally;                                                                               To allow individual business people to share in the national business decision making;   To uphold the market economy and private enterprise system;                                                         To be “the voice of business”.

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Tel: 057 352 7211/2


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