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Miss Molly’s Guesthouse

From a mere vision of a Coffee Shop Nursery to a virtually beautiful Guest House! The idea was born in 1999, whilst we were sitting under the big trees, listening to the tranquil sounds of bird and church music.Initial construction started in 2001 with the provisos that the end product must evoke a feeling of farm tranquility and that the material used should all be reclaimed or recycled.To achieve this, old building sites were visited and approximately 28 000 bricks were cleaned and chipped to create a rough surface. Oregan and hard coal wood were collected from all over South Africa. As building progressed from 2002, the idea of the initial Coffee Shop Nursery changed into that of a Guest House, fitting in perfectly with the then long term planning.Thus, the Guest House, then anonymous, was established in 2003. The name had to clearly envisage the atmosphere and surroundings of the actual initial idea.Looking forward to welcoming you.

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Tel: 082 805 4849

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