Mofomo Construction CC

Mofomo Construction CC was established in 1993 by the Late Mr Isaac Mohau Mohloboli.

He was the sole member and held 100% members interest of this entity, until his passing in 2009, when his wife, Mrs. D.M. Mohloboli gained 50% ownership and Mr. R.P. Seboko gained 50% ( Youth ), who were the main members of Mofomo Construction CC. Since 19/09/2016, Mr. R.P. Seboko was the sole owner up to 15/12/2017, where after Mrs. N.E. Seboko joined and acquired 33% members interest of Mofomo Construction CC.

The Company has been going from strenght to strenght since it’s inception and has become renowned for its dedication to satisfy the needs of it’s customers.

Mofomo Construction CC is 100% B-BBEE compliant and a Level 2 contributor under the Construction Generic Scorecard. The Company has CIDB grading’s of 7 CE ( PE ) and 7 GB ( PE ).

Contact Details:
Tel: 057 355 2306

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